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Some may say it’s crazy to build Niagara’s newest craft brewery on the street of fun, but we think the idea’s as cunning as a fox.

Niagara Brewing Company sits on the former site of the Foxhead Inn, one of the first luxury hotels to be built in Niagara Falls. Built and operated by Howard Fox, the Inn opened in 1925 as a subsidiary of the Clifton House, a hotel that would be lost to a dramatic fire on New Year’s Eve in 1932. From those ashes came development and progress, leading to the creation of Falls Avenue Resort and Niagara Brewing Company. And here at our brewery we honour the spirit of the fox by employing daring processes, bold flavours, and a sharp and fiery desire to create the perfect beer.

Niagara Brewing Company aims to brew beers that proudly represent Canada’s brewing heritage and today’s innovative craft beer scene. To brew the best, you need to put the best at the helm, so we put the call out to a veteran of the brewing industry - Gord Slater.

Gord has been developing breweries and brewpubs for the past 30 years and brings a wealth of experience to Niagara Brewing Company. He’s been integral in the design and commissioning of more than 60 brewery and brewpubs across North America.

Gord Slater

Gord was drawn to the craft of beer making after professional training at Molson’s. He could be described as a founding father of the craft brewery industry in Ontario, thanks to his involvement in the legalizing of brewpubs in 1984 when the provincial government moved forward with legislation.

Passionate and dedicated to the craft, Gord has won numerous awards for recipe developments, and notes a light, refreshing, and adequately hopped German lager - that won best in show in a show in Germany - as one of his greatest accomplishments in his pursuit to create the perfect beer.

A master in his field, Gord notes that while brewing is a science, it’s not an exact science because you are working with biological organisms (yeast) and agricultural products (malt) and admits that experience and luck play a great role as well.

A connoisseur of Red Ales, Gord wishes he could have shared a beer with Winston Churchill and Louis Pasteur.