Put Your Best Glass Forward

Beer drinkers may not spend a lot of time thinking about the glass their favourite beer is served in, but glassware is actually a very important part of the craft beer experience. Not only does the glass help the drinker smell the beer’s aroma, but it also impacts the way the head of the beer settles. So, in order to have the most satisfying beer-drinking experience, here is a breakdown of some of the best glassware to use for certain beer types:

The Pint Glass
The pint is a classic and versatile glass that’s best used for serving pale ales, American lagers, mild and brown ales, porters, and many stouts. It allows the drinker to enjoy a large quantity of beer and works best for beers that are enhanced with a large head on top.

The Stemmed Tulip Glass
The shape of this glass is exactly like a tulip, with the wide body making it the perfect option for strong beers like Belgian ales and lambics. The stem of the glass makes it easier to hold so the beer doesn’t get warm too quickly, while the wide top makes it easier for the drinker to experience the beer’s rich aromas and foamy head.

The Flute Glass
Flutes are thin and somewhat dainty glasses that are a good choice for serving Pilsners and beers that resemble wines. You can also use flute glasses to best enjoy light and spritzy beers like Witbiers and aromatic Belgian fruit beers.