Heads Up!

Pouring a glass of beer on draught is an art and no glass is complete without the foamy “beer head” on top that signifies a fresh pour. It makes the beer look good, but also plays an important part in the beer tasting experience. The head helps to bring out the beer’s aroma and many different types of glassware are designed to accommodate the heads of different brews.

The beer head is created when gas bubbles in the beer rise to the surface, and the type of malt and adjunct used during brewing determines its thickness and how long it sits. It’s important to know how to pour beer from a tap and create the head while not having it take away from the beer, which becomes the mark of a great bartender.

When pouring beer it’s recommended to hold the glass at a 45° angle and aim the beer towards the middle. When you reach the halfway point, begin tilting the glass upright and finish the pour with a half to one and a half inch head. And because oils from your hands will reduce the head foam, always make sure the glass is clean.

So the next time you order a beer on draught pay attention to its head and make sure to enjoy it in all of its foamy glory.