Talkin’ About Beer

Let’s start off by talking about two important beer terms and measuring units: ABV and IBU. ABV stands for Alcohol by Volume and refers to the standard measure for the amount of alcohol contained in a beer. Beer usually has an ABV around 4-6%, but it will vary based on style and brewing method.

IBU stands for International Bitterness Units and refers to the scale that’s used to measure the bitterness of a beer, which is all based on the hops used during brewing. For instance, IPAs tend to have higher IBUs because of the strong and distinct hops presence.

Now let’s move onto how to best describe the flavourful beers you’re tasting. Here are a few useful terms to keep in mind:

Full-bodied: Can be used to describe a beer that has a rich flavour and heavy body.

Barnyard or Farmhouse: Two terms that can help you describe an earthy beer with a natural taste and smell.

Aroma or Bouquet: Interchangeable terms for a beer’s smell.

Hoppy: Used to describe a beer with a high-hop aroma, usually accompanying a clean and bitter taste.

Depth: Refers to the several layers of flavour in a beer.

Brussels (or Belgian) Lace: The foam that is left on the side of a beer glass after drinking. It sometimes demonstrates the beer’s freshness and how clean the glass is.

Flowery: Describes a beer that has an aroma resembling fresh flowers, which is often due to the combination of hops and yeast.

So now that you know some tasting terms to use while talking about beer, it’s time to get drinking. Cheers!